How to Lay Sod

Cultivated turf allows you to enjoy a lawn of instant beauty and maturity without the usual time-consuming hassles of seeding. When purchasing turfgrass sod, consult a member of the Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) in your area, to be assured that you are getting the finest quality turf available. The following are the basic steps to [...]

Stop Erosion From Ruining Your Property

The Problem: Seeing your yard wash away, bit by bit, with every downpour. On a small scale--erosion is unsightly, unsafe and will reduce the value of your property, significantly. On a large scale--erosion causes serious environmental problems that could result in downstream neighbors or government officials bringing a law suit or other action against property [...]

Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass

Natural Grass and Artificial Turf: Separating Myths and Facts booklet will help decision-makers and the general public make informed decisions regarding the installation of natural grass or artificial turf in their communities. This 32-page booklet is based upon information from some of the industry’s most highly respected research scientists, sports field managers, contractors and other [...]

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