The Problem: Seeing your yard wash away, bit by bit, with every downpour.

On a small scale–erosion is unsightly, unsafe and will reduce the value of your property, significantly.

On a large scale–erosion causes serious environmental problems that could result in downstream neighbors or government officials bringing a law suit or other action against property owners who do nothing to stop erosion.

If not corrected–erosion can expand to a major wash-out, with costs of repair increasing proportionally.

Fortunately–there is an efficient, cost-effective and proven way to stop erosion.

The Solution: Turfgrass Sod Stops Erosion Immediately

Scientists have documented turfgrass sod as the most highly effective erosion control material available.

Turfgrass sod, because of its high density of grass blades, thick root mass and total weight, stops erosion immediately, even on severe slopes where it may have to be pegged temporarily to keep it in place.